Insights from the local watch experts

Insights from the local Breitling watch experts

On my most recent trip in and around San Francisco, I met up with and interviewed three different local watch experts that helped me identify the difference between a replica Breitling and and genuine Breitling watch.

Luckily I brought a few samples to compare with the authentic ones that they had on hand.

Now one thing you should know is that watchmakers are extremely busy due to the current demand for watch repair and the shortage of watchmakers due to the high level of skill and precision that comes along with the dying art and the extremely unique niche that belongs to it. So it was incredibly kind of the folks in downtown San Francisco to entertain me and explain some of the few unique things that exist within the world of watch repair and replica watches.

The one thing I noticed that all watceta 7750 movement up closeh shops seem to have in common is the tidy and cozy space that greets you when you walk through the front door. You may see certificates and plaques on the walls (good signs that you have a certified watchmaker on hand) and you get a sneak peak through the cracks of the watchmaker(s) on the table bench working on small mechanical movements with their typical watchmaker’s loupe.

Once I got an short interview with the watchmakers, I explained to them about the replica Breitling pieces I had and about my internet project.


  1. Many Breitling copies can be exceptionally similar to the original, and even experts can be fooled by top quality fakes; do not be discouraged if you are unable to spot every fake. Just because a Breitling watch is not an authentic Breitling, it is not necessarily of poor quality. Many replica watches made in China and Japan feature high quality components and can be quite reliable.
    Owning and wearing a fake Breitling watch is not illegal, though selling a fake Breitling may violate copyright laws and other ordinances in some municipalities.

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