What to do if you encounter a fake Breitling watch being sold?

Simply walk away. It’s fake, replica!!

These days it’s rare to find replica Breitling watches being sold in the big cities, but you might encounter them online, on eBay, in Asian cities like Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, China, etc.

While replica Breitling watches may look similar to the real thing, they are normally very cheap and short-lived watches.replica breitling chronograph dial closeup

Even at their appealing prices of US$50-150, you would be much better off buying a genuine Breitling watch from the reputable brand than buying these cheap counterfeits.

As mentioned above, the life span of most of these fakes is only 2-3 years of use.
That is a quite a poor deal for the price.

For more information about how to spot a replica breitling from a real one, you can visit these guys

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